Thanksgiving + Black Friday.

So much happy! Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Black Friday/Stock market crash day.

Richie decided to take me to the mall today (Black Friday) and gave me a small budget to get anything I liked. This is a real treat since he never was really able to do this before due to the wage constriction from his last jon. ;80

Sweater dress from Macy’s $19.99 (On sale)
Boots from Burlington Coat Factory $29.99 (On sale)

Polka trying to help me take a picture. ;246

And then for Thanksgiving, I made a Spiced Apple Brine turkey stuffed with a vegetable medley. I made my own cranberry sauce (cause th canned stuff is yucky. ;200 ) It went pretty smoothly given that Ma was fighting with me about oven bags for the turkey.  A big nothing hooplah over $3.03 ;75

Mid-week shopping.

Finally got paid and I had this strong urge to go shopping. ;321 Totally, acceptable but I have buyer’s regret before I even buy anything. ;39 So to fix this, I bought Richie ASSASSIN’S CREED II. This of course didn’t actually do anything. It made it worse. ;298 But I came home with some new leggings and hair brushes from Claire’s (I accidently broke my old one. Which is ok because it was an ugly orange color anyways.  ;80 )

Went to Forever 21 and tried on some sweaters and a really cute plaid hat but I ended up feeling too guilty so after much debate with Richie, I put it back. I had found a really great Hello Kitty sweater and I wanted it but I felt like handing over 22.50 was a little much despite completely being able to afford it. ;58 Can’t help that I’m cheap when it comes to buying for myself.

So I ended up at Charlotte Russe.

;215 Tee w/grey sleeves $8.99

;215 Floral print gather skirt $19.99
;215 Floral Print stocking (not shown) 14.99
These weren’t cheaper by much I suppose. ;61 Almost the same as the sweater and hat actually. It ended up that the skirt was like $3 shy of the sweater and the tee obviously was from the clearance rack. ;76
Makes for a cute go-out-after-work outfit paired with my new boots so I don’t mind that I overspent even though I didn’t wanna overspend.
You guys all know where I am coming from when you’re young and despite all efforts, you wanna hold onto every dollar you can get. ;356

Not looking forward to work in the morning because Monday was sort of a draining day. Made me lose the enthusiasm I had a week ago a little bit. ;351

P.S.: We put up our Christmas tree! It’s only a two footer, but it’s a living tree (which means plenty of room to grow. ;90 ) and it’s been put in a ghetto bin so that it doesn’t leak water all over the floor when I water it. ;250

And then I also have everything ready to be prepped on Thanksgiving. Hoping it’ll go smoothly since I’m not cooking for my own family. (Who hate my cooking anyhow. ;205 )
Anyways, it’s like 1:30 AM now. ;92 Gonna hop into bed.


Noticed something.

I just noticed that unless you blog about products coming out of Japan, partying, your children or shopping, no one cares about your opinion on anything else that might matter. Things that these people really might be able to relate to.

Odd, how the blogging community has turned into nothing but a bunch of mindless idiots who care more about who just bought a coach bag rather than just feedback on daily life like it used to be. (Because you’re fooling yourself when you think that there aren’t more females than males in the blogging world.)

You also have to have a lot of visuals on the posts or they all pretty much just say TL;DR (Too long; Didn’t read)

OR! You have to spoon feed your readers questions at the end of your blogs because they tend not to have anything to say otherwise. ;98

Really, that’s the only complaint I have against the blogging community.

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