Goose that laid the Golden Egg

Made a trip to Lush last week when I was waiting to pick up my computer.   It had been a while since I stepped foot in a Lush. My poor sister is highly sensitive to aloe products and you find a lot of it in Lush. Richard gets lost and confused though he tries; it’s pretty much an “all for me” type of store.

One thing I did notice is that they had “Dragon Egg” in stock. This bomb is so intensely popular that to find it in full stock is like them trying to hijack my wallet. 

IMG_1259 copy

Sweet Jesus, this thing made my sewing closet smell so good but it’s time I use it. 

IMG_1262 copy

The water starts out a light, frothy lemon color. It’s barely starting to smell nice. Smells like hot water and lemons which to me is tasty. Especially, when I am sick or feeling down. Perks you right up. 

IMG_1263 copy

I cracked my egg. :'( Jk, but this was half way through the dissolving process. The gold core smells like lots of lemons and other citrusy fruits. It’s super refreshing. It also has a little surprise in it.


IMG_1264 copy

It’s my legs!! (That’s not the surprise.)

IMG_1270 copy

This. If you look very carefully, you’ll notice a slightly different kind of shimmer to the water. That’s right, folks. GOLD SEAWEED GLITTER

Happy #Blackout

Happy Blackout, folks. #TheMelaninReturns. Last time, I did not participate in #Blackout on Tumblr, but this time I decided to go ahead and post some new selfies in honor of the day. At the time, I was just reblogging and showing support since I didn’t fully understand the movement at the time.  I feel like I can post my selfies now with a better understanding of what I am doing it for, and why. 


What is #Blackout?  Blackout is for the movement of Human Rights, specifically for people of color; To shine the spotlight on the colored community in all its triumphs, struggles; the young, old, the creative and uncreative. It’s a day to flood the world with color

Here are some links to some support pages with more information. If you are easily disturbed, please be aware that some of the links contain brutality against people of color on their pages to show examples of our plight; please view with discretion

Backout For Human Rights

The First Blackout Day 

Blackout Tumblr

Tumblr Hashtag (Click here to reblog and like selfies from the Black Community)




Today, I am asking all/any of you who participate in Tumblr or any other social media #Blackout today; do not post any of your own selfies if you are not a person of color; Please Do reblog, like or share selfies/articles/support for the Black community; Do not mention any recent terrorists for they do not deserve to share our light and Please do show your respect for the recently lost today. 

Workspace wip

My roommate has finally moved out and on, so we started remodeling the room into an office. I really just needed to upgrade and make the space a relaxing oasis for myself. Richard had no problems with this, although I do feel a little bad about it, since it was his office prior to my having to go back to school. 

As a present to myself, I bought a new computer to help make my office more minimal. I get very overwhelmed by cables and cords that inevitably just start sprouting their own little cord babies. Richard is stilling finding cords that he isn’t sure what they go/went to. Other than my speaker cords and the power cable, this computer is virtually cable-less. Eventually, i am going to get a bluetooth sound bar, so then the speaker cables will also be nonexistent.

New iMac

To be fair, the retina display on this model is outstanding! I’m not a huge Apple fan, but I will admit that their systems were designed very very postmodern and sleek. The OS is about as simple to use as any other Apple product, unless, of course, you’ve never touched a Mac in your life. (Which I haven’t so I feel like I am learning how to use a computer all over again.)

Grey Office

I am going for a mostly neutral palette with three accent colors. I painted the walls bright white and Zero Gravity grey. It’s very striking and yet instantly calming scheme to walk into.

Color Palettes

The shades that I am going to be using.. Well, the medium tones throughout. (With the exception being the yellow. I am using the 2nd from the top for that card.)


I’ve always wanted a papasan chair.  I have a new cushion on order for it since this one is green and flat. That doesn’t negate the fact that it’s super comfortable though. I’ve gotten stuck in it simply because I was too comfy to get up again. 


Vanity. This is also going to get changed some more. Need to get new storage drawers and a lighted mirror. 


Ok, this I am super proud of. We bought this chandelier at Ikea and I came to the understanding that it had to be wired into the ceiling. Well, I rent so there is no “wiring it into the ceiling”. After a stop at Home Depot and a quick google search later, I attempted to swag it myself using a chandelier swag kit. This converts the chandelier into a plug-in.


One attempt later, I had a working, hanging, pluggable chandelier.  It’s quite empowering….? 

Of course, the office is still essentially under construction. I am deciding on bookshelves since I have lots of figures to space for as well as all the books I have on top of that. 

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