Pancakes in Paris meet

We didn’t really go to Paris, but Amber and Tani, once again did an amazing job of hosting a wonderful meetup at The Warehouse in LA.

I had some reservations about going, but in the end it worked out and I had a good time. :lookin:

Takin’ photos from some of the others girls because more than half of mine didn’t really turn out. So I’m gonna have to make do! ;152


Taken by Stiffany’s boyfriend.

Taken again by Devin but …I think this is Penny’s photo.

Jesse and Lor spooning and forking one another. :www:

And a full coord shot of what I was wearing.

I had a great time. I can’t wait for the Halloween party!

  • Chibi

    lol they were taken by Flora’s bf xD Mines was working at the swap meet area.

    • Oh sorry, LOL! :B Too lazy to fix it now