Paris in a Cup

I had so much fun this past weekend. You don’t even know. dancey_dancey curly_up

On December 5th, the LA/OC lolitas got together at a cute little Parisian cafe in the center of historic Orange (city). It was so lovely inside; the tea and food service was just to die for. ;346 ;251 I was so glad to meet everyone new, and see old faces; I just had so much fun! I hope that we can all get together again soon. (New Year’s party? ;287 )

Commencing photodump! :D

(Click each for larger size!)

Today, I had a pretty weird day. oh_yeah? I mean, it started out good. ;362 I got up early, reached my goal of 4 miles at the gym and went home. For some reason, between gym and home, I upset myself.  korila_omfg So, I treated myself out to Victoria’s Secret. ;16 Got some new yoga pants for the gym (two pairs), some a new eyeshadow palette, some finishing powder (finally), and some lip stain/gloss.

The Noir: TEASE perfume was a really random find. I picked it up randomly, just to see if it stank. (Picky sniffer, here) Sure enough, it smelt like heaven. hk_:O heart_blub Richard really likes it too. Almost more than he likes my Vera Wang perfume! ;367