Pop’s One Stop

I am working on my own little side project to present to my manager at Pop’s One Stop Repair Shop. He mentioned developing Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace) and possibly a blog for the Ventura location. Not a bad idea, IMO. ;306

I’ve got this super great idea that I think I can pull off with my old agejou theme with the three columns. Except changing color schemes, headers, background, etc. It’s actually really not that big a change except instead of poodles and stuff there will be link drops and logos all over the place. I suppose it’ll be sort of like the original website except aimed as sort of an online newsletter aside from our monthly e-letter that goes out to customers who provide their emails. ;4

I’m just curious as to whether or not I should just start working on it and presenting it when there’s a minute available. (Like have it ready to go) or if I should wait until he hands me the project indefinitely. ;288

Course, looking at the company blog right now (On blogspot) it’s not much and it hasn’t been updated since 2008! ;58