Positive reinforcement works!

My week has been cause for a lot of anxiety. I had my phlebotomy certification exam come up, and on top of it, I had a job interview the night before for a pharmacy position. ;16 I had trouble focusing and though I doubt I got the job, I already have another interview for a more localized pharmacy next week.  ;87

So, I had to drive all the way out to Westlake Village to the testing centre and I was pretty much thinking, “LOL I’m gonna bomb this thing so hard”, because pep talk isn’t my strong point. Long story short, I came back out with jelly legs, an anxiety attack and a passing score of 87. :party: I did it! Now I just gotta submit my results to the state to get my license and wait for it, and my certifications from AMT.

As a reward, Richard treated me to some shopping. I got a decent haul from Forever 21 this time. ;07 Tried for stuff that I could either wear simply by itself or could easily be moved from one mood to the next.

Totally faboo cross earrings that I spotted on a tiny little collab rack hiding in the jewelry. Dear god, they’re amazing. I love crosses, and I plan to wear the ever loving crap out of these. The necklace is really awesome too. Most bow necklaces are pretty small, but this one is big without being gangsta bling.

Bought this tunic dress/top with dolly-kei in mind, actually. The crochet collar is so cute and really draws your attention without being flashy. Not really sure, if I plan to wear it yet, because I want to use it as an even further incentive to lose weight as the arms are a bit tight on me.

Perfect for spring! ;162


  • oli

    Very cute simple pieces. Definitely great stuff you can mix and match <

  • Christine Ta

    You got the most adorable stuff! That first dress is amazing!!! I can’t wait to see it on you!