Quick break

As some of you may well know, my gallbladder (after 4.5 years of hell) finally became inflamed enough to rupture. I was in the middle of organizing to get my surgery scheduled because I couldn’t take the grief and more and it went ahead and jumped the gun. hk_:O  Most painful experience of my life but I’m home from the hospital. I’ve been asleep, mostly due to the painkillers, but I’m awake right now and so I thought I’d let you know that I won’t be posting anything for a little bit.  hk_excite2 I have to have help to get anywhere near the computer and I can only be here a bit before the screen makes me sick and my surgery sites get sore again. rila_dead  Don’t worry, I’m hoping to be back at work on Saturday and completely back to normal by Monday. I’m starting to be able to walk around some and I can eat solid foods now. hk_loveall

Love you all~  Bai bai til then. stitch_love