Qutieland + KidsYoYo review!

Technically, this a two in one review as I purchased through Qutieland’s shopping service, but actually bought from KidsYoYo. To start with, I have been looking for places that will do custom sizing, because, unfortunately, I have a larger bust than most Lolita.  ;57 Not a blessing, but not a curse either. Anyways, I ended up hearing about a service called Qutieland that shops from different TaoBao shops online. Namely in my case, KidsYoYo.  ;80

As far as Qutieland goes:

Communication: 4/5 – Not the fastest responses in the world, but definitely, the most helpful and encouraging. It was a smooth transaction and they answered loads of the questions I had. They also addressed my concern for the time frame it was taking and for the upset over a delayed notification about the possible interruption of production on KidsYoYo’s side.

Shipping: 5/5 – OMFG. hk_:O  It took all of three days for it to come from China to me. It was shipped on the 10th and I had it in my hands on the 13th. Holy cow, can you say fast?

Overall: A++. I will (and in fact I have.) order from them again and again. I hope they never go away! hk_peace

(The above line is from LJ. …I dont know who it belongs to, but I would love to link credit if they step forward. :D )

Ok, so! KidsYoYo. Not much I can say about them directly as I had no contact with them whatsoever, but I can review their products I purchased, so let’s do that. hk_excite

Received in relatively sturdy condition as you can see. The box was tightly packed and so everything was safe and snug. I didn’t order anything crushable like a hat, so I wasn’t too worried. ;213

I was, however, a bit worried about the length of my dress. I had accidentally asked for the waist-to-hem length to be over 100CM and so it would have been super long. Thankfully, I was able to get it amended to an over all 100cm long so that it comes just to my knees (maybe a little beyond). I tend to prefer the longer dresses as they show less thigh and to me, look better on a larger frame. ;16

This short-sleeved sweater was the first to come out of the box and omfg the material quality is good enough to be brand. ;2  It’s thick, it’s sturdy, and well put together. There weren’t any excess dangly strings or anything unprofessional left behind on it either. ;251 (Note: this is an AP replica)

This little baby, an Angelic Pretty replica of their Magical Pony bag, came next. He’s sooooo soft and snuggly! I love it to death! I’m, in fact, going to order a black one as well when I get word that they are available. I wasn’t expecting much with him, but he’s so much better than I thought he would be.  Doesn’t fit a lot of stuff, my cell and ID case are about it, but he sure brings an outfit together. ;158 He’s got an adjustable shoulder strap that you can take on and off for versatility as well.  Convenient much? ;100 (Replica)


And finally, my coup de grace. The AP (replica) JSK I ordered.  It too, is well enough made to pass as brand. It’s lined with a soft cotton lining, and the cotton used is nice and heavy. Great for staying warm, actually. ;212 It’s a lovely soft pink and blue. The little hearts on the front are actually POCKETS!!! Now, I have a place to put my keys with such a space restrictive carry-all. LOL! ;1 The bust, unfortunately, is the only thing wrong with this dress. hk_brood It looks like they were expecting someone with a slightly larger bust than mine, so there’s a little bit of excess fabric that sticks out. ATM, I have it pinned down, but I’m going to have to take it in to be taken in at the bust. Bummer. ;276

Quality: 5/5

Measurement accuracy: 4/5

Overall: A+

Photo bomb tiem.