Really long blog post part 1

I realize it’s been about a month and a half, possibly longer since I’ve updated Momoberi and for that, I apologize. Mostly it was laziness that prompted me to ignore my blog at first but then I started getting busy; made some new friends, went to some meets and just accidentally ended up forgetting about it completely. hk_rei ???????.

Let’s see… I’ll start with the meet up in Santa Monica on the 21st. First off, it was super crowded and we kept getting yelled at by a hobo after we refused to give him some of our food. omfg_urkidding He kept calling us “Godless lesbian occultists“. It made us laugh though since it was all nonsense, we ignored it and had a good time. :D Played some games, wandered around the pier and rode the antique carousal! (est. in 1922)

Outfit rundown!

  • Wig from cyperous
  • accesories from offbrand
  • Blouse from Foever21
  • Belt from Papaya
  • Skirt from Metamorphose
  • Bag from Kidsyoyo
  • Stockings from Forever21
  • Shoes from Hot Topic

Mind that most of my photos are kinda derpy. ;204

Anyways, I’m putting the rest of this post under a cut since it’ll be a bit photo heavy!! (+8 photos & two panorama photos linked courtesy of the lovely hostess.)

My waifu, Kiyoko39. Can’t remember why she looks like this but she looks sorta disappoint. hk_giggle

Wearing Angelic Pretty Fantasic Dolly cutsew (I think) and Melty Chocolate salopette skirt.

Richie and Jayme who decided it’d be an awesome photo-bomb opportunity. ROFLMAO

Group shot of us during the picnic. Richie was pretty much the only dude on our blanket so he got to pimp the lolis.

This photo was taken by our lovely hostess, Lemontree11

Everyone getting ready for the carousal ride. Richie didn’t ride and instead offered to hold anyone’s purse/parasol/coat who didn’t want it on the ride.

IDK when this was even taken but that’s ok. I look like I’m getting ready to eat someone.

The whole meet ended around 4pm or so. I didn’t want to go home yet, so Kiyoko offered to lead us down to Irvine for some dinner. BUFFALO BURGERS. dancey_dancey curly_up

So, we get down there and end up going to a grocer called Whole Foods. I was surprised when we got to the meat counter because it doubles as a small diner type thing. ;305 We ordered our burgers and Kiyoko gave us the grand tour of delicious specialty meats that they carried. hk_doki Richie enjoyed it the most, I think since it reminded him of being home in Wyoming.


Buffalo patties, buffalo hot dogs, sausages, bacons, etc!! *backnforth* Not even sure where to begin on how much I wanted to bring a buttload back with me!

This photo was an utter joke. ;39

And that, my friends was the most epic event of August. I actually had a lot of fun this month and got to connect with quite a few people who I made either friends or acquaintances with. It was a great experience and I’m excited to go to more of these meet-ups. Kiyoko and I have hit it off like bread and butter, so we’ve been hanging out as frequently as her schedule and my gas budget will allow. hk_loveall Good times, though.

As promised, here are the two panoramic photos. Again, courtesy of our hostess, Lemontree11.

(Click for full size to see all the lovelies who attended!!)

It’s getting late now, so I’m going to watch some Family Guy, finish Futurama, read a bit and then head to bed!

;251 GOOD NIGHT!! ;100