Really long blog post part 2

This is the second half of the really long blog post. Mostly, I am posting my get from the week after the meet. ;281 But, I did do something besides shop, so hang tight and I’ll get to it. ;367

Finally decided to invest into some Dolly Wink lashes. :] I think it was the sweet girl set that I bought.

They really bring my make up together and makes it look so much more dolly than just using a little bit of mascara.

Bought these from Mitsuwa while hanging out with my waifu, Caitlin this past week. :D They’re wonderful, though I’m still figuring out the bottom lashes since those are pretty much new to me all together. hk_iunno   Richie was also finally able to accompany me down to Irvine and we did a little bit of shopping. Went to the Rilakkuma store, had some awesome ramen from Ajisen and then did purikura to finish the day off since Caitlin had to leave for class. After she left, we walked around The South Coast Plaza and I bought a book to put my purikura in. hk_dokidoki

I had fallen in love with Caitlin’s keyring so she took me to buy one like it. It was the last one in the store! ;128 I got lucky.

These I bought directly from Caitlin. They’re btssb Mille Fueille platform shoes.

The soles are wooden, but surprisingly light and comfortable! Beats wearing heels all day, that’s for sure. bear_teehee

Chocomint accessories that I received some time ago while doing a group order. Never got around to posting them so, here they are!

;32 Richie’s first purikura picture! ;32

Forgot to scan it before I put it in the keyring and now I can’t get it out. *ga-a-an*

This past Sunday, I went back down to Irvine to hangout with Caitlin again. dancey_dancey curly_up She had some local lolita that she insisted that I meet so I did. We stopped in to Crepe de Paris and had luncheon there and talked about the upcoming happenings in the community for September. I’m hoping to make at least one of them seeing as how Richie may or may not be able to go. ;276 (Usually, this is because we’d never make it back in time for him to get to work and it’s not a good idea for him to miss work. Especially because Irvine is about 2 hours away! ;300 )

Here’s how I did my make that day. As you can see I’m using my Dolly Wink. hk_pose

The first thing that Caitlin said when I arrived was, “Omg, you look so cute! D: I don’t even–“

Guess I’m doin’ it rite? ;76

My coord. I was wearing a blue cardigan but I traded my pony bag (+$30) for this Dreaming Macaron cutsew from Angelic Pretty. :D Surprisingly, it fit my big boobs. ROFLMAO Then again, if it fits Caitlin, I can have faith it’ll fit me. (She’s gifted in the chest area too. ;298 )

Towards the end of the evening, Caitlin and I decided we wanted to do purikura. A friend of ours was feeling pretty crappy lately, so we encouraged her to come out and meet us to do karaoke and purikura.   I think it made her feel a bit better. pastel_star

Top to bottom:

Caitlin, Christine and then me on the bottom. bear_teehee

And so this concludes the really long blog post series! ROFLMAO Really, I should have just broken this up into a few different posts, but I am lazy. ;100

;194 Good night all! ;194