Rearrange me

I need some serious change. I’m pretty tired of my current situation, and I am working to better it. I’m going back to school this semester to get my phlebotomy certifications. ;87 So, now I’ll be certified as a both a pharmacy technician and phlebotomy technician. ;39 I’m pretty excited to say the least. ;17

I ran around all day, trying to get stuff in order, even though it’s not going to be a month before I start. Tomorrow, I’m going in for my TB test and I already picked up some scrubs so I don’t have to worry about my jeans getting ruined with blood. (As I’ve heard you do live practice.)

Richard came over this weekend and surprised me with flowers.  ;92 We went to T.O. to order him some new work boots since his current shoes are causing him some pain. I also checked out the new line of shoes that my work has in the retail stores and found a pair of heels that came out, that are just so comfortable. There’s padding in the pad of the foot and the heel where I have the most pressure. They’re pretty cute considering the brand is a little notorious for “clunky matronly shoes”. ;164

Made a spontaneous run to Tamaya in Irvine to try and get some more Sentimental Circus collectables. I walked away with a passcase purse (The biggest Shappo head), an XL hand towel, and a Korilakkuma wallet. I was pretty bummed I couldn’t get any more than that. They had large plushes and some pillows, but apparently they’re raffle prizes only. WTF man, just shut up and take my money!  ;16 I was prepared to shell out some cash for a pillow and plush. ;63

Bleh, I’m still going to go back and pick up a モコモコ room wear sweater of Korila. They were $80 so I couldn’t convince Richard to let me get one because he can’t understand spending that much on a sweater. I’ll have to buy it on my own.  ;140 ;01

With Richard’s help, I was able to rearrange my room.  ;87 My room hadn’t been moved around since before I moved out.  ;16 I also covered up the ugly mural I had on my accent wall with a pretty rosey pink paint that I found in the garage. I think it was from when I first moved into this bedroom. ;167 I really like how it looks and may end up painting the whole room like this. It really gives it a warm feel.  ;151

Haha, I like that you can see most of my winnings from Round One. I want to go back soon and win some more dolls. I prefer winning them to buying them even though I spend about the same trying to get them out of the damn machines.  ;28