Replica Review: Oo Jia Midsummer Night Dream Jsk ii

Brand: Replica of Alice and the Pirates

Print Name: Midsummer Night Dream Version II

Colorways: Navy, Ivory, Black

Retail Price: Estimated $250-$350USD (Non-inclusive)

Rarity: (Of the original) Moderately Rare

Replicator: Oo Jia

Price of Replica: $104.50 USD (inclusive of shipping, and extras)

Overall Score: 4/5


On Tuesday, I received the Oo Jia replica I ordered in February. I have never ordered from Oo Jia so this is a first time, unbiased review for her and her replications.

I IM’d her via Facebook on the 12th of February and received it just about a month later. I have heard of occasional delay, so the experience with shipping and make time will vary with her.

The package was surprisingly undamaged except for what looks like a hole that someone tried to poke open. The overall package looked like it hadn’t spent more than a day in transit. ;87

Packaged dress shown here. Already, you can see the details of the dress. They look fairly decent.

The first things to come out of the wrapping! A headbow, corset-lacing bodice bows and a pair of Secret Shop socks. ;162

The dress laid out is quite impressive. It has volume of its own without a petticoat, and while missing a few minor details, the print quality is surprisingly vivid and accurate with minimal edge blurring.

The back of the dress is shirred with the lace serving as the looping for the corset ties. As far as the sizing accuracy goes for this dress, I’d say it was ok. It was a little on the tight side, but it’s not terrible and unwearable. The zipper does get stuck (actually, most invisa-zips seem to do this. Or atleast they do for me. orz)

Details in the straps of the JSK.

Having seen this print in real life, it looks almost real. The actual give away, isn’t so much the print quality itself, rather, the original has a type of waffle weave in the fabric and because of this, you can see the texture of it from a glance. The replica is printed on a poplin(?) cotton and is very smooth to look at.  ;01

The beautiful silver rose buttons used to attach the waist ties.

The brand name of the original printed on to the replica. Which doesn’t bother me because it shows who really owns the print.

The stitch quality. Not terrible. So far, I’ve only found two loose threads that were probably from the bobbin thread.

On the ruffle of the dress, I did find a few weird little white spots in the print that shouldn’t be there. Keep in mind however, I was scrutinizing this dress with pretty much a magnifying glass.

The only thing I hate about the head bow (actually this goes for the bodice bows too) is that the middle is not secured entirely. Thus, the bottom wings of the bow are free to slide around giving them a sloppy look. Especially so for the bodice bows because they are satin and that stuff slides like ice on glass.

Decent looking but slippery. The pins in them aren’t secured either.

Over all, I really do like this replica. I made a mistake in the type of JSK I wanted as I wanted JSK ver. I and not Ver II (shown). This was entirely my fault. The extra bow on the bodice does not suit me, so adding a waist belt, helps with defining my shape in the (for me) some-what unflattering cut. I give this an 4/5

Alterations I am considering:

– A pocket.

– Removal of the bottom bodice bow/lacing.

  • Thanks for sharing! The print looks pretty crisp for a replica!