Repost Needs moar Cher

Went back to Little Tokyo, again. hk_pose Course, I can’t stay away from there! It’s more fun to shop there than at my own local mall. ;32 I didn’t get my BAREFOOT DREAMS sweater because I didn’t wanna blow all my money all at once, but I did right one wrong from the last trip; I got a second black CHER bag from Sweet Magazine because I wanted one I could use without having to worry about ruining my only one. ;366 It was the last one, so I feel lucky! ;27 Now, I have a shopper I can bring when I go back to Little Tokyo. ROFLMAO

I able to get a whole bunch of little extra goodies, like a plush, some slippers, pencils and earrings! ;242 It was a great day, surprisingly. The traffic blows coming home because people in L.A. act like they can’t drive on the freeways, but it’s fine.