Rose Toilette x Rilakkuma

Again with the freakin’ Round One? My wifey, Christine planned a meetup for Round One almost a month in advanced to see Richard and I, and Richard’s schedule was changed without notice. He wasn’t able to go. I still went, but man, she was pretty livid that he didn’t get to go. I was pissed too and even offered to make up his pay out of my own, but he went to work anyways. ;26 I had a great time with Lizzie, Kevin D, Stiffany, Devin, Kara, Kevin, Christine, Ashley and Lisa(?). I didn’t get to hang out with Ashley and Lisa much but they were nice to see and both were are beautiful as could be. I was mad jelly. ;159 ;142


Proof that this heavenly girl is human like the rest of us. ;164 ;166

We had the opportunity to run into Eki from Christine was just ecstatic and I’m so happy she was able to meet one of her idols. ;59

Photo of the rilakkuma I tried to win (and did ;86 ) for myself, as well as the Korila I won for Christine. I need to win one for Lizzie one of these days. I don’t want anyone to feel left out and I love Lizzie. She’s so cute and her coords always amaze me.

Not pictured is a stuffed Hello Kitty I helped a little boy and his Grandmother catch.

I gotta break this curse of three toys per visit. I WANT FOUR TOYS, DAMNIT. /greedy ;152 ;152

Rila wants the ice cream from the UFO ice cream catcher. ;115

Bowling! I didn’t get a good picture of Kara but she’s so sweet and cute! Stiffany is holding my win! (I need to win her one too. Omg ;57 )

I’m really starting to love my red Rose Toilette coord. Especially since I found the old waist ties (used to alter a previous colorway of the skirt) and made a sweater brooch/clip from it.

I have enough to make another rose toilette clip in red, and I think I may end up making a few of these to sell since I personally think they really tie together coords that use boleros or parkas. The rilakkuma is from a keychain that fell apart. He’s gonna go on this brooch permanently. (Though I think I may move him to the bigger bow since it seems a bit unbalanced to have him on that tiny bow)

Lomo of my make. Would you believe me if I said I wasn’t wearing circle lenses? Mine expired, and I ordered new ones too late to have them by the meet up. ;27 I felt a bit weird without them but it worked out just fine, I think.