Rough changes, new theme

As you all know, I’ve been going to the gym to supplement my dieting. The pounds are inching off, literally. oh_yeah? I’ve already lost about 2 inches all around. rila_dead The only thing I hate is how much work and effort I have to put into this, but it feels rewarding. (I sorta feel like this actually. ) I end up having the occasional morning (I go at 5:30AM) where I don’t want to go but I always manage to drag myself out of bed to go out of guilt. ;365

Anywho, I was browsing /CGL/ (Wut? Don’t lie, you do too.) and they had a draw-your-progress thread going which led me to post my own progress and then got me thinking. What really is my long term goal and is it a feasible thing to achieve for someone who’s been on the relatively heavy-side all her life? I think so.

(click for larger)

I don’t expect this goal to happen over night, but I’m hoping that by this time next year, I will be there. (Or at least closer ;362 ) The problem most of us have with losing weight is staying on track. I’m a picky-eater so eating things like veggies as often as I am supposed to is pretty difficult. So, I add things like parmesan, various oil/fat-free sauces for dipping or I do something that’s silly but gets the job done; I hold my nose. ROFLMAO I am one of the lucky people who can’t taste if their nose is blocked, so if I’m in a mood where I really can’t stomach it, I’ll hold my nose. ;298

  • So, how do you lose/maintain your weight?
  • What was your starting weight?
  • Your goal?