Round up and Excite!

I have some awesome news that I can’t wait to share with you but since I promised, here’s our round up from the last few weeks.  heart_blub It’s a little short-sided since no one else has really put up anything new. I mean, come on. Milky Planet and the new Berry series from AP aren’t even out yet. ;100

So, first up, If you haven’t gotten yours already, then it might be too late for you. Metamorphose has released and sold out of their summer lucky packs!  hk_omg2 If you were fortunate enough to get one, it seems there’s going to be bloomers in them which is a popular LP item right now.  ;250 If you did not get one, perhaps you can wait and watch the sales_comm for someone who wasn’t happy with what they got.  Who knows, you may find one of your dream items in there. hk_pose

Now, onto the “pic related” news from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. They have finally released, alongside their Sugary Cake print, their CREAM*SODA*POP series!! snuggly_bear

Ok, and my good news is: I bought this in a one piece (as seen above)!!   ;80 It’ll not only be my first OP, but my first brand name dress. ;251 Before this dress, I had seen dresses from Brand name places that I liked, but not loved. Other than the Swan Lake print from Meta, this is the only other dress I’ve truly fallen in love with. dancey_dancey curly_up I’m getting the whole set so that I don’t feel like I’ve cheated myself out. (Headbow, dress and the matching socks) hk_love ;32

As far as the community goes, there is a meet-up being organized for AX in LA. So far, we’re still voting on where we’re going to eat so no RSVP has been opened yet. If you’d like more info and to track this event, please click here.

And today is the last call for RSVPs for the Glendale Moonlight Roller Derby meet! It’s tomorrow, June 26th at 6:30pm. I’ll be bringing cupcakes, and if anyone needs a ride, email me for my phone number, I’ll pick you up for 5$. For more information and to let our hostess receive your RSVP, please click here.