San-x haul

Everyone does one last bit of shopping before a big spending freeze, right?  :fyeah: Well, since we are saving up for something big in August, we have to put a spending freeze on everything except for bills. Everything has to go into savings.

That’s gonna be hard for me because I typically never have to save more then 2-3 pay periods for anything. ;81 Oh, well. Time to be an adult.  ;67

As a result, I got a few things on my last available weekend down in LA. Mostly collectibles, but I got some make up/bath stuff too since I won’t have the money to make another trip down there for another 6 months at least.

Actually, the 3D case, I bought a couple of weeks back. The front sticker/protector was what I purchased today. It’s actually sitting on top of one of those ZaGG (or whatever) protectors, so I actually have two skins on my iphone.  :www: Mostly, this is because I’m paranoid about my screen getting cracked or scratched. Thankfully, it hasn’t affected the sensitivity of my screen, so I can carry on like a weirdo. ;105

Mobile phone/card case because Richard says I lose my phone too often. “You lose it in your hand.” He even thinks that I’d lose it in the case while it’s sitting around my neck. ;57

Phone stand! I wanted to buy a cradle, but when I saw this thing, I jumped for it.

You can see how grossly large my san-x collection is getting in the background.  :hipster:

Found a Swimmer bambi headband/earmuff at Q-Pop! Amazing find, considering that these have been sold out for like 5 months.

My largest purchase of the day. Literally and financially. ;57  ;126 A giant korilakkuma pullow. It takes up nearly the whole width of my bed. I’m not really sure if I want to take it out of the packaging because I’d hate for it to get schmutzy. Maybe I’ll just pull a granny move and keep the plastic on the pillow.  :dancey:

  • Danielle

    omg, so jealous of your purchases! I love rilakkuma and sentimental circus, but unfortunately their prices are too expensive for me :( it’s either cute stuff or saving for loli hahah