Semi sweet haul

I went and got my makeup done, just to play around with some looks and the girl who has done my makeup twice now is just…the best. She is sweet and she is really good at building customer rapport without being pushy and irritating. I love it. 

We played around with liquid foundation and I found one that I really enjoyed. Urban Decay; Naked Skin foundation #6. It’s smooth, and goes on very easily. It blends well and if you don’t intend on wearing much else, it provides both semi-sheer and opaque coverage without looking like you’re wearing heavy makeup.


Next up is the Semi-Sweet chocolate bar palette from Too Faced. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but I really really enjoy Too Faced products.  It’s got some different qualities from the original palette which I did enjoy. Now, I’m seeing reviews that the “gurus” had one reason or another not to like the palette this time around, but I don’t know. I’m just an amateur anyways. 


Out of the package, it’s got a lighter and creaming color than the original bar. So, I suppose it’s the milk chocolate version versus the dark chocolate of the original? 


Together, you can see some obvious differences. Now, I think that the new semi-sweet is a little cooler than the original bar but that’s just me. The colors are definitely richer very pigmented. There is a black and a sheer glitter included in this palette and lots of shimmers. The mattes are extremely creamy. They feel like touching frosting. I’m in love with ’em. 


Here is the new bar. The colors are labelled, and they are very warm and inviting to me. I really like that they included a black for those of us who are partial to using a black shadow for blending and liner.  The blue is a surprise and at first it seemed like it just doesn’t go with the palette. I used it the other day though and the look turned out successful to say the least. 


The original Chocolate bar. If you guys remember, this bar was made way thicker as far as the package goes. They did re-release the bar in a slimmer package like the semi-sweet but the one I have is the 1st release. 


Swatches!! Unfortunately, I feel like my skin tone is incredibly difficult to swatch neutrals with as many of them blend into my arm tone. My face is considerably lighter than my arms and even my neck. I also do a lot to protect my face skin though. 


Cognac colored lipgloss from Smashbox! It’s super neutral. I wanted a darker color for my lips but not so dark that it gets back into fall colors. It worked out really great, has awesome staying power and it can go from sheer and light to dark and pigmented.


Now this illuminizer. I just, I had my doubts because I’ve bought the Josie Maran highlighter and the Watt’s Up from benefit. They’re both good, especially for dewy evening looks but this one is better for day or classic looks. It’s matte so if you’re oily, it doesn’t play on your oil zones. The way it looks applied just really brightens up my face in a way, I can’t describe. 


BONUS!!  For rouge members’ birthday!! Nars lip crayons!