Sentimental Circus get

After much debate and debaucle, I finally convinced Richard to go down to LA with me for a shopping trip. One that I needed like, badly. ;142 We ended up going to Little Tokyo, JapanLA (where I saw the lovely Mandie from GeekyGlamorous ) and then to the La Puente Hills mall. Where, surprisingly, I didn’t go into Round One to blow all my money. ;67


I suppose because Nisei Week is coming up, these wishing trees were up. I wasn’t really sure and I didn’t stop to read any of the wishes. ;82 )

Standing outside of JapanLA, trying to look cute. ;108 Course, I was sweating buckets because of how hot it was. ;47

Some of my circus get. I forgot to picture the cup set in this.

GET: iphone4 case for an iphone I don’t even have yet, sticker sheet, cup set, pamphlet, awesome paper bag for the series, key lanyard and a coin purse

These cups are absolutely cute and amazing. I’ll probably never use them though. I’d hate for them to break. ;53

*SIGH* Finally! This blog post actually was a bit more tedious than normal since the internet at my house has the same speed as it did in 2001. That’s right folks, my internet maxes out at less than 1MB per MINUTE. ;09 I should just continue going to Barnes’ when I want to do image heavy posts.