Sewing Project completion

This past week, I spent two days sewing a dress together for the picnic coming up (which despite all my hard work, I may or may not wear). It turned out better than I expected it to. The only thing that didn’t come out is the pockets. I accidentally cut them too shallow so they won’t even hold change. I’m thinking about taking them out all together since I’m almost too lazy to cut and stitch new pockets. :mu?_pastel:

Many of you, I am sure, have already seen the photos of it on Facebook and Daily_Lolita, but this is just for the sake of posterity since many of you also do not use either one of those mediums. ::D/:

Don’t worry, I’m not really mad. Just a bit grumpy since my car window had to be fixed that day and the guy was being a buttmunch.

Ew, you can see that my eyelash glue was still setting cause I took this RIGHT after finishing my makeup. :arrow_down: