Shopping ‘n stuff

;342 ?????Little Tokyo??????????????????????????????????????????????

Went to Little Tokyo today. It was fun. I haven’t been in a good mood lately. This cheered me up a bit, I think. oh_yeah?

?????? hk_giggle ?NomNom?????????????????????????????? pastel_star ???????????? ;194

Lookit! hk_giggle I saw the Nom Nom truck! We didn’t eat here, but it smelt so good! pastel_star I want to try this the next time I see them. (Btw, they competed in “The Great Food Truck Race” on The Food Network. IDK if they won.)

??????????????????????????? :teeheehee: ???????????????????????????sweetie?

I made Richard buy this for me. :teeheehee:  I wanted it to match the brown one I have. burst_heart   Thanks, sweetie

??????????????????????????????????????? ;367

We had dinner at The Curry House. It was really good, spicy too. I loved it. ;367

????????? omfg_urkidding

Wat? What is this?! omfg_urkidding (There was a weird looking brown thing [potato?] in my omurice. I didn’t eat it. I hid it in my ketchup sauce instead. ROFLMAO)

?????????????Caitlin???????.? dancey_dancey curly_up????????! ;16

Oh yeah, I picked this up from Caitlin last weekend. dancey_dancey curly_up Pretty, isn’t it! ;16