Sick and Mr. Boho

These past few days, I have been sick. ;276 It’s been going on all week and I don’t have the heart to call in sick. So, today when I got a call to come into work, I nearly cried. It was supposed to be my weekend (since I get Thurs. and Fridays off) so I thought I could just stay in bed until I had class and get better. ;364

But, yesterday I did have something come that brightened my day, completely. I got  my package from the Little Bukowski on etsy. ;263 It was a teddy bear head purse! So cute and cuddly. ;372

His name is Mr. Boho! ;372



She also included this free gift of sexy pink glitter earrings! What a dolly-doll! ;381

That’s about it for my Etsy packages since I am trying to save up for a cinnamoroll kigu that I saw recently. I want it so bad. -flappy arms- ;76 Except I also gotta start putting away to help Richie buy a new car seeing as how someone ripped us off earlier last year (if you guys remember anything about what happened in August.) ;58