Name: Happiimilk.Net

Genre: fashion, daily life, OOTD, makeup, reviews, personal

Established: 2005-2016
Happiimilk was first established in 2005 under the domain name: as I grew, I felt like I grew out of the name and changed to I grew some more and finally settled down with Happiimilk which has stuck since. Happiimilk originally came to me as a username. I had tried for happymilk, but that was already taken. So of course, I stylized it. It was a spinoff from the Tokidoki Moofia series as my favorite american brand characters are the little bottles and cartons of milk. 

I had created several blogs with no real point. I finally settled into this blog (several times). Despite losing a majority of my posts due to server issues, I still keep coming back and adding pieces of my life. I may at one try to get the information off the old SQL tables and post the old posts without any images, but we’ll see.

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