Slamming doors to throw open windows

Some weeks ago I had applied to a place where I had done one of my clinical rotations not really expecting to get so much as a call back. By this time, I am about a month into my temporary contract and I’m just sending out little feelers for a nursing position.

Well, I got a call back and more.  It was so unexpected, but I made the necessary arrangements with my temporary hiring manager to pursue this career move. She was well aware of it coming down the line and I even made mention that I’d like to move to part time as soon as possible if I could.

Come last week, I find out the new job wants me to start on Tuesday (July the 21st) and I hadn’t had much more notice than that.  I even had to call just to get that date, last week. I had no idea when I was starting. So, I did what any one would do; I put in my time-off without pay notice and never received a response. My manager got it, I know she did; I never heard back about it so I had to come a quick (albeit, rash) decision to slam the door and open a gigantic window.  I am a loyal employee, don’t get me wrong. I have long track records, and excellent co-worker rapport but if you’re not gonna pay attention to all my little red flags that I deliberately wave in your face then I gotta bail.

So, to say the least, I have been running like a chicken with its head cut off. Between running the site in Santa B. I was going to Camarillo on top of it to set every thing up for my new job. Round trip it was almost 95miles. 

Now, I’m starting part-time as a nurse more locally and I’m beyond excited. I had even asked for what I thought was fair pay ($19/hourly) and was offered more than that.  I get more pay, less working hours (for right now, the same amount of money on my temp contract), and to work with people I know well enough to work with in a great environment. 


This was the makeup I wore to my group interview. That was fun all on its own. A girl two graduating classes ahead of me (that some how I’d met and done a makeup class with?) was also interviewing. I hope she got offered a job because she is so sweet and I’d love to work with her. 

I don’t plan on leaving my new job for a long time, and even then, I will probably just transfer laterally since they usually have positions open in the area I want to move to.