Small but beloved

My wardrobe is one of the pivotal points in my every day life. Without it, I tend to fall into a habit of tank-tops, and flip-flops; sweats and depression. ;41 Clothes, lolita specifically, became an outlet for expression to me. I’m a strong person, with lots of career oriented goals; but at the same time, I like to be able to doll up, be dainty and just walk around town feeling like the queen of France. I treasure my wardrobe more than anything else in the world. :rilalove2:

Fashion doesn’t change who I am. It’s always going to be a tool to help define who you are. Your style is unique. My style is me.  So without further ado, here’s my wardrobe and how I wish to develop it.

I have two skirts, right now. Rose Toilette from Angelic Pretty and a handmade skirt from fabric my aunt brought me.  I don’t use skirts a lot even though they can be pretty versatile.  I think I should have at least 7 skirts. One for every day of the week so that I can alternate them more than I can with just two.  I just have no idea if I’d want prints or just plain simple skirts. ;128

I have three JSKs in my closet; Lotta Deer  from Innocent World,  Gardenberries Rabbit & Crochet from Lief and Sacred Night also from Lief. These three are my main pieces. I wear them every chance I get. I used to have more pieces but I wasn’t as in love with them as I had thought I was. Frankly, I made stupid choices buying prints that quickly lost their glamor. While these pieces are highly coveted and sought after by many, I was lucky to find them. They’re pieces that make me fall in love with Lolita every time I open my closet.  I will never sell them. They were too hard to find, and in the case of one, just too expensive to “throw away” so to speak.

What I hope to add:

  • Osanpo plaid JSK from Angelic Pretty
  • Robe de Amants from Juliette Justine
  • Silent Moon from Moi Meme Moitie
  • Forest Harvest from Innocent World


I have many more accessories than this. These ones are just ones that aren’t purss or jewelry. :ROFLMAO:

My sad closet of shoes. You know, my problem isn’t finding shoes at all. I find lots of shoes I want to buy and coord with! My problem is getting them in my size. Depending on the cut of a shoe, my size can vary from 8 to 9.5 in US sizing. I say that in all seriousness. At work, there are some standard size 8’s I can wear with no problem, but then if I try on an 8 some where else, it may not fit. True to size shoes usually fit me at a 9.5. Still, not a size that comes readily as 7-8.5 are sizes that are becoming increasingly normal.

I want more shoes. Simple as that. I  don’t get jelly of closets full of dresses, I get jelly over shoes and purses. :D


  • Christine Ta

    <3!!! Your dresses always look amazing on you~~ :3

    I love your cowboy boots~