Smile Sciences

I had been ordering so much lately that I forgot I finally ordered my Smile Sciences tooth whitening kit. It retails for $299, but if you use one of their instagram promo codes, you can get it for $29 (+tax/shipping). For a while I had been wanting to whiten my teeth, but I don’t have the time, nor do I want to spend the money (on multiple sessions) to spend an hour in a chair with essentially the same set up in my mouth.  This was waaay more economic. 


The box was tinier than I expected and at first, I thought, “Well that was a waste.” because there were no inserts and I couldn’t turn on the little UV light. After a little more snooping, I found the instructions on the box, and a list of do’s/don’ts. 


Got it working! It feels silly holding it my mouth for 30 minutes, but at the same time, I did notice a difference in shades afterward. The kit comes with a shade guide so you can track your progress. I must not have filled the tray correctly though since most of the shade change is on the inner half of my teeth. (Top = bottom potion, bottom = top portion) So, next time I’ll add a teensy bit more gel. I was trying to be conservative with it since the box said a little went a long way? I guess, too little is a thing.