SoCal Lolita Picnic n Swapmeet

This month just has been taking me up and down the walls. I’m exhausted. Taking extra shifts at work, taking care of Ma and going to as many events as possible to explore my area more. (Even though LA/OC isn’t particularly my area. ;140 )

So without much ado here’s a photodump of the meetup. Some photos are taken from FB, some are mine, but two (The obviously pro ones) are courtesy of ;138


;131 Our two lovely hostesses; Mandie & Oly ;62

Mickey was totally diggin’ it.

Oh, Amber. ;25

Judy of KawaiiCarnival and Claudia of Kawaiigoods.

Lauren wore the Sugary Carnival special set. This set never ceases to amaze me.

Don’t worry, Lauren! Even if you are sweaty, you’re still amazing! ;114 ;59

Tani as Goldilocks and the Three Gloomy Bears (She ended up winning best costume) ;167

Her cute and creative competition! LOL This Goldilocks was just as good IMO. Her dress was so creative. ;132

My little shortcake says, “Deal with it!” ;170 ;170

Devin is a manry man keeping the sun off him using my parasol! ;164

Caught with the ultimate booty; I walked away with a red rose toilette skirt!  ;166 I’m getting the matching canotier from the same girl later this week!! ;105 ;132

Credit goes to LAphotonet for this photo and the following photo.

Not the best photo of my because I was making a weird face but the photographer said it was good so IDK. ;20


;87 Omake ;86

I got a new wig too! ;107