Still not dead

I’m FINALLY on vacation from school. At this point, I am finished as I opted to take all my exits before the break. The last week in Jan. is more for those who wanted to take it after the break, however, I am still required to attend. In reality, I’ll just be watching Netflix and playing Hyperdimension Neptunia: Re Birth all day for a week straight. On the bright side, I can get caught up on The Walking Dead. 

This year for Richard’s birthday, I finally caved and got him a bunny companion. In reality, the cats are more mine than anything else. He’s always mentioned having one and since they are relatively low maintenance I thought it was a good time to get one. Plus, a friend of ours had just rescued a bunny at her complex; the rabbit was left outside after the owners moved for nearly a whole day with little food, little water and no shade. We named her Coco (Chanel) 


She has warmed up  to us pretty quickly despite her harrowing drive, 3 hours, from San Diego county back up to Ventura county. I felt so bad that she was in the carrier for that long as I can’t even really imagine doing that to a dog or cat.  But we made it back and the next day she was eating normally again and generally acting like a healthy bunny. 


One of the last days with my girls. Baby momma not picture because the baby likes to stay up all night and sleep all day. Not even born yet and she is really bossy!!  wwwww I have more pictures to share from our very last day though!