Swan Lake + surprise slip up

I received my Swan Lake in the mail! It’s absolutely more beautiful in person than I thought it would be. It’s vibrant and very eye-catching. As I have explained time and time before, this print is a print I had seen on a girl walking down the street in Downtown L.A. two years ago. She had the black colorway and it was just as vibrant except w/ blues in it. (I want the black color way too, btw. ;158 ) It made me fall in love with Lolita in a way I had never loved it before. I knew about lolita, I dabbled in it during Jr. High and High school, but when I saw that print, I knew one day, I’d own it. ;215

So, here we go!

Both my packages arrived safe and sound, after a small mistake at the post office. They scanned in the wig as received at 6:00am but it hadn’t even been delivered because they don’t do deliveries at that hour! ;332

The beautiful skirt! As you can see, it needs a little bit of gentle ironing as it was bought NWT and it’s probably spent a lot of time in its package.

Glorious close up of the print. (Do those swans remind you of a sozai I have on my blog? ;100 )

And last but not least, a photo of it worn. The skirt sits pretty high on my waist as it’s a bit too tight to be near my hips (LOL @ my hips being puffy cause they are. </3)

On to the wigs! dancey_dancey curly_up

This was a bit of a surprise in two ways. #1: I ordered wig spray, but didn’t get it. I’ve contacted Cyperous so I’m hoping they can help me resolve this. I have a feeling that if who ever was packing is anything like me, the bottle was right next to the box but they forgot to put it in. ROFLMAO

As you can see, the bouffant is not as prominent as the other wig I ordered. A little teasing might help it pouf up though. burst_heart

Side by side before styling the old one. (right)

Side by side after styling the old one (right)

The difference between the two is phenomenal! I love how relaxed the new one is, it’ll allow me to wear it with more casual styles in or out of Lolita. ;155 I’m over all happy with the wig, but I’m a tiny bit upset about the wig spray as it was the one thing I was absolutely needing without a shadow of a doubt because brushing these things w/o detangler is just a nightmare. ;362