Take a gold bullet

Since my last blog, my whole life has been a wild ride of ups & downs. My job was everything I wanted it to be and more. I learned so many things about my profession; many things I’m not so sure I was happy to learn but in retrospect, it’s better that I learn now than leave it disillusioned. 

I am pretty exhausted these days, but I do the best I can to keep moving when I am off work. Daily living isn’t really a chore, but it’s sure hard not to want to sleep past 3:00pm most days. 


Got this little peek-a-boo kitty as a treat for doing so well lately. Well, to be honest, I should say–“Doing better”. I had a patient, who usually was ok with my routine, completely take a shit on me in front of 8 other patients. Had I known she preferred to be given her meds first, I would have but she chose to make me feel like a complete jackass Which, not knowing what sort of way to react to her, I burst out into tears and ran to the bathroom after calling my supervisor about stress-induced panic attack.  In the end, I felt worse and embarrassed for reacting that way, even though I can’t help such an attack. Normally, I am pretty reserved and able to manage my attacks until I get home, but this job is going to create a new control curve for me. 

Any who, I’ve been on a TREAT YO SELF spiff.  I really have too.


$210 worth of golden bullets (Gerard Cosmetics packages their lippies in such an amazing way)


More makeup from BH Cosmetics’ labor day sale and their new Carli Bybel palette. Did I really need more brushes? (tbh, yes.)


New Too Faced palette, collabed with Vegas Nay on Instagram.


Uh, yikes. This isn’t even the total of it. I have been working on my office more and more, which meant buying new display cases for my books and figures. It’s still not done, but I’ll post up the progress photos as soon as I take some that aren’t super shoddy.