Thanksgiving + Black Friday.

So much happy! Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Black Friday/Stock market crash day.

Richie decided to take me to the mall today (Black Friday) and gave me a small budget to get anything I liked. This is a real treat since he never was really able to do this before due to the wage constriction from his last jon. ;80

Sweater dress from Macy’s $19.99 (On sale)
Boots from Burlington Coat Factory $29.99 (On sale)

Polka trying to help me take a picture. ;246

And then for Thanksgiving, I made a Spiced Apple Brine turkey stuffed with a vegetable medley. I made my own cranberry sauce (cause th canned stuff is yucky. ;200 ) It went pretty smoothly given that Ma was fighting with me about oven bags for the turkey.  A big nothing hooplah over $3.03 ;75