The slow arrival of fall

*kitaa* Holy crap, it’s September. *kitaa*

That’s right, folks. It’s time to hang up your light dresses and cardigans and start whipping out the muted tones, the heavy fabrics, and the “Omfg, I’ll die without it prints” that actually should have been released in the summer. omfg_urkidding

Things I’m looking forward to this fall? Well, for one, my reservation of Twinkle Journey series from Metamorphose will finally arrive. snuggly_bear  I’m so sick of waiting for it. It’s killing me. Haha. Already, the JSK versions and skirt versions have been released. Now, all I am waiting on is the OP since that is the version that I had ordered. So those of you who orderd JSKs and skirts, congrats. Your awesome Unicorn prints will reach you soon. And yeah, I jelly.

This is the version that I ordered. dancey_dancey curly_up  I am expecting/hoping for its release by this Sunday.

The only other thing that I have recently purchased and am still waiting to receive (group order… rila_dead ) is Angelic Pretty’s Rose Toilette in pink. For an older, popular print, I managed to get it on sale from Closet Child during their summer event of 30% off. ;80

Only Managed to snag the reverse photo but it’s the same on both sides. :D

Lately, I’ve been looking into things I need to stock up on as far as coord basics, but also seasonal basics such as coats, boots, stockings, bloomers, etc. Many of these, I have none of.  ;288 I’m afraid, I must admit that I am extremely lax when it comes to the basics and I tend to focus more on main pieces. ;214   As of this fall, my goal is to aquire:

Neutral coat for general use (x1)

Black boots (x1)

Pink tea parties or heels (x1)

Blouses– long sleeve (x2)

Blouses– short sleeved (x2)

Bloomers– white/cream (x2)

I’d also like  to announce that I am pretty much leaving sweet lolita all together. hk_omg2 With the rare few sweet coords that I am going to do with Rose Toilette, I am pretty much moving into Innocent World and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright exclusively. (Of course, Meta still releases classical prints so I will stay with them too.) hk_iunno Nvm. Can’t do it. I keep finding myself looking at sweet prints and still wanting them. Disregard the previous statement.

Anywho, I think it’s about time for me to catch some shut eye before I have to get up and go jogging with Richie. ;75

;194 Night night ;194