This year’s wishlist

Now that we’re closer to the end of the year, it’s time to talk about wishlists! ;215 Mine is pretty short as far as Christmas goes. The main thing I am after is a new camera. ;86 Specifically, the Panasonic Lumix GF1.

Maybe not the pink one as it was released in Japan only and getting it would be more trouble than it is worth.  rila_dead This camera, however, is a point-and-shoot with an interchangeable DSLR lens. (You can buy more obviously.) The kit can come with a 14mm-45mm micro 3/4rds lens or a 20mm f 1.7/Aspherical lens. You can easily guess which one I’m gettin’ hoping to get. ;80 After seeing it in action numerous times from Jays at and reading numerous reviews, I’ve decided that this would be the best choice without having to overextend myself and get a straight up DSLR. I’m not a photographer nor do I pretend to be. I’m just an amateur who just wants f#$%ing awesome looking photos. Nothing wrong with that, right? ;100

And now, a short list:

There are other dresses, but these are my top priority. ;17 Now just to get my hands on one or two of them in time for the holidays. ;204 Sadly, I have to do my dress shopping myself since Richard is afraid he’ll get the wrong dress. omg_sad_cry I really want them to be a surprise but that’s ok, I guess. ;362

So, what do you want this holiday season? dancey_dancey curly_up