tl;dr I’m pregnant

So I literally disappeared for a few months. I know, I apologize, however, I had good reason: I’m pregnant I really didn’t want to say anything at first because I hadn’t told my Grandmother yet and wasn’t sure how to gauge her reaction. Her experience with babies and childbirth has never been good. So I just assumed not tell her.   Richard’s dad was told right away and he was excited as heck.

I was getting to be about 4 months along and I felt really guilty and lonely in my pregnancy so I started asking feeler questions. How did she know my mother was pregnant (with all 4 of us + the back stories) Well, all 4 times, she didn’t tell Grandma with 2 out of 4 babies just showing up at her door, I was a phone call on Grandma’s birthday (which is also my birthday) and the 1st kid was discovered while my mother was 7 months pregnant. My grandmother told me that my grandfather had asked late that night after finding out, “Why didn’t she tell us?” I could have died. I waited two more weeks until I was 18 weeks/19 weeks along and told her.

I was legit waiting for a bad reaction. She seemed like she wanted to be mad AT FIRST. Which is kinda what I expected anyway, but then she got really excited.  I was so caught off guard I got really confused and upset, but was still relieved.  I also had been asking hypothetical questions such as “Well, if I had a baby and just set it up for adoption and showed up w/ the papers, what would you do?” She got more honking mad at that question than my telling her I was pregnant. “I’d go find him/her and adopt them myself!! THAT’S MY FLESH AND BLOOD TOO, YOU KNOW” 

Original Announcement from November

Announcement photo from Instagram on 11/07/2015

Of course now, she is “in charge”.  She bought diapers with coupons she found, she bought a play-yard already. Lawd.  I’m not gonna fight it. She didn’t think she’d live to see great grandkids, so now she feels like top hen again. Which I am happy to oblige. 

To get everything back up to speed: I am 22 weeks pregnant, just past the half way point. I’m showing but I’m not as bumpy as some other women, which is a little disappointing, but hey! Whatever. I went on the 7th of March for my gender ultrasound, Ma went along as Richard has been promoted at work which created a schedule issue. Ma has never seen a modern ultrasound like that before so it was a great opportunity for her.

So that means…

We’re Team Blue.  Congrats to the winner of Dodger tickets. 

I thought it was a girl this whole time for some reason but here’s our ultra sound pics with his little dinky dang-er!!


The bright spot is his anus, directly to the left is a small teste sack and his itty bitty noodle

Estimated due date is in July. I cannot wait to meet him. I’m hoping he gets Richard’s green eyes.  Ah, that would just slay me.  I hope he already knows he is surrounded by people who are gonna smush him into their heart places.