Twas the night before Christmas part 2

After all that merry making, I am pooped.  ;81 Richard’s family enjoyed what we bought them and that really made me happy. I’ll do a get post later but for now, here’s some more photos from the Christmas meetup!

Jen in a beautiful Jack Skellington coord to fit the theme for the meetup. ;05


These girls look like real like bisque dolls! In fact, I think the dress on the right is called bisque doll. ;08

Ari is wearing one of her beautiful hand-made JSKs. It turned out so much more amazing in real life than the photos.  ;59

Not the best photo, but still, a wonderful full shot of Lauren (owner of Dearie) in her new Twinkle Carnival JSK

Lauren (owner of Dearie) again. She’s the!! :chu:

I had to have a picture with one of my beautiful readers; she was wearing Amour d’amants robe JSK from JetJ.

Last two photos are courtesy of LAphotonet and are not to be used or distributed for paid commercial purposes without the photographer or model’s consent.

  • I love looking at the pictures from this meet up! My group really wanted to go, but we had no way to get there this time. Everyone looks so beautiful! I REALLY love black x gold combinations <3 You and Lauren totally rock it~! So well put together and gorgeous *O*

    Ahh Twinkle Carnival has become a dream dress of mine because of the gold.

  • Nell

    Hi, this is Danielle (the JetJ girl, lol)! Thank you for the sweet comments on the pictures. I feel like I look really tired hahahah But you looked so lovely, and your makeup in that last picture is amazinggg! This was such a good meetup; I’m glad it was my first :) Anyway, I hope you had a good Holiday and Happy New year :D

  • jenica waters

    Gah! I look a lil crazy in my pic! hehehe! Such a fun meetup!! <3