T’was the night before Christmas

This past Saturday was T’was The Night Before Xmas meetup hosted by Olivia of Lemontree11, and the beautiful locals, Amber and Tani in El Monte, CA. It was amazing. Everyone looked so fabulous and I was even able to meet some of my gorgeous readers, to all of whom thank you. I really appreciated your input and feedback! :wee:


Please be warned that this post is extremely img-heavy, so the photos will be behind a cut!! Thank you

From left to right: Sami, Judy of KawaiiCarnival (sponsor), Flora, and Michan 

From left to right: Frances, Sami

From left to right: Cy of DollyDelight and Chibi of Imperfect Kawaii (sponsor).

From left to right: Sarah, Amy

I’m not saying it was Aliens but… Aliens.

From left to right: Tara, Molly, Paige

Judy of Kawaii Carnival and her beau Tim.

Michan and I.

These are not all the photos from the meetup and I have decided to do a two part post so there’s not so much weight on the load time.  ;59

I would love to see huge themed meets like this again. It was extremely well organized; the games were entertaining and I think the only problem was the menu and labeling of tea as there were many complaints about allergies or dietary preferences.

I also really enjoyed the swap meet as it was a chance to purchase goods in person as well as try to find dresses for a good price as many of the girls price very fairly and are willing to work with girls in person on payment plans more often and easily than if it were just online.   :merr:

  • Christine Ta

    You looked amazing!!! I’m sad I missed it, it looked amazing!

    • I was sad you missed it too. :( You really ought to come to more meets. Oly’s meets tend to not require that you were loli and there was a couple girls in gal. T_T COME MORE!

    • Chibi

      Why you not theeeeere? :[[[