Valentine’s Day Meet.

Valentine’s has come and gone, but we couldn’t get the tea salon booked for that week. So our lovely hostess Kiyoki39 booked it for the following Sunday. I had so much fun meeting everyone again, getting to see old and a few new faces! ;109

( Clicking all images will open up larger files!! )

One of my favorite little ladies had a surprise cake waiting for her since she had a birthday this month! ::D/: (There were actually three birthdays)

Myself and Bunny Dragoon. She looked like a model that day! :teeheehee:

My best friend, my wife, my love, my heart. She’s my everything! :suki_pastels: Wearing puppet circus and her boyfriend matched with a black suit and cute little stick on stars in his hair!! burst_heart

Some of the lovely ladies at my table!

I can’t believe how awesome everyone looked. ;195

Lauren, a beautiful new face; Ashley, and Christine!!

Well that’s it for now! I have tons more photos on my photo album if you’re interested in seeing more!

I’m off to get ready for class now.