Week 23

Today, I am 23 weeks along. For whatever reason, I was really tired this week. My migraines returned with a vengeance too. What’s funny, is that the OB asked me if I was experiencing any of my migraines due to my history of chronic migraines. I said no. I jinxed it I got blurry vision in my left eye that didn’t return for the better part of 45 minutes. I haven’t had a visual disturbance like that since the middle of nursing school.



I look as exhausted in this photo as I feel, for sure!  I’m really hoping to just relax this weekend Get some laundry done. Hopefully, I will be able to curb the insane urge to clean until next week because I’ve started nesting already but it’s physically draining. I’m also hoping the exhaustion is because he had a growth spurt. At the wellness check on Wednesday, he was measuring 25 weeks, not 23 weeks. 

 On the plus side, he is moving around like a jitter bug. During certain times, he can’t seem to sit still.  I love it!