Weekly Round Up 6.4 to 6.11

Decided to help myself and my fellow Lolita (especially those who don’t keep track of the communities) keep up to date with what’s going on nationally and internationally in Loli Land. hk_peace

Please note: that from here on out, it’s going to be relatively picture heavy, so I apologize to those on phones and on dial-up. hk_beg

Brand & Off-brand Shop Roundups


First up, we have Baby the Stars Shine Bright. There has been some talk of them releasing a semi-controversial print: Sugar Rose Cake. This print has been said to closely resemble some of Angelic Pretty’s more OTT sweet style prints and is the subject of much “originality” debate. Personally, I think it’s far more mute than most of AP’s recent prints, but it is indeed similar. You’ll never truly be able to get away from candy, cakes and ponies in the Sweet world and that is who I am assuming Baby is targeting with this print. (Course, one could argue that all their prints are Sweet-geared)


Next up, we have Metamorphose: Temps de Fille. Now, of all the brands out there, Metamorphose has to be my favorite. Despite not actually owning any of their pieces, it was the brand I was introduced to first.  So, with that being said, they’ve released a few new prints for the summer. I’m only exploring the two most notable to me this week.

We have the Perfume Bottle Print up and it’s just gorgeous. It’s similar to another print by AP (I think…Correct me if I am wrong) with bottles of all assortments being the theme. For anyone who loves perfume or just loves bottles and jars, this is a beautiful piece and perfect to add to your collection. It sort of reminds me of JUICY in a way. curly_up

Secondly, we have the Blooming Garden print. I love this print. To me, it goes back to the slightly older Meta style of ornate borders, that could pass as works of art on their own, and tiny detailing in the bodice and upper skirts. I’m in love with it and next to their Swan Lake print, this is a dream dress for me.


Bodyline actually has quite a few things that I’d like to round up. To everyone’s surprise, (and as seen in my previous review), Bodyline had released a JSK called the Carousal JSK or Merry-Go-Round JSK. (Or to some elitists: The Poorman’s Sugary Carnival) ;367 This JSK is one of the most well put together pieces that Bodyline has ever produced. burst_heart They are notoriously mid to low quality when it comes to dresses and prints, but, they have done a complete 180 with this dress. It’s not quite OTT, it can work with Goth loli but it also still fits really well into a Sweet Lolita’s closet. ;250 Frankly, I want all four colorways. I have yellow and black, I’m aiming for Pink and Blue. hk_waku

To make thing even more interesting, they’ve also released three pairs of RHS or Rocking Horse Shoes. These shoes, originally designed by Vivienne Westwood, are all the rage with most Lolita. They’re cute, look like ballerina slippers and are versatile with most outfits. Without having ordered them myself or seen a review for them, it’s hard to say what the mid-soles are going to be made of. Rumor is suggesting that they’re actually wood, but I’m going to go ahead and be the skeptic here and say that they’re more than likely going to be foam. However, for the price, you may as well buy some for the lulz if you’re interested in seeing if RHSes are for you!

Summer’s here and Mister Yan seems to have the Loli on a budget in mind. Bodyline has released parasols! Most parasols can cost you upwards of 50$ for brand name. (Which is cheap, IMO since most of these parasols have UV protection).  But for the loli on a budget, these can be a great life saver from the sun. Burnt loli is a dead loli.

Last but not least, Bodyline has released a few more wigs for those of us who can’t afford places like Priscila or Cyperous. I do now know the quality of these wigs yet. I do plan on purchasing (Since I want to learn how to handle a wig before spending any big bucks on my dream wig from Cyperous). The Bodyline wigs, however, are moving fast. You’d best see if you can get one before they sell out because I don’t know if they’ll stick around.


Qutieland has announced the release of some KidsYoYo items that completely caught me off guard. Salopettes. Salopettes is just a fancy-schmancy word for rompers. Boy, these guys look super comfy! I’d say perfect for beach wear or room wear around the house. They’re easily coordinated and they’re extremely versatile.  I don’t really plan on buying one as I already have a romper that I lay around in but if you’re looking for a cute romper for a relatively decent price with good quality, I’d say go for it. They’re up for sale now through Qutieland.

And lastly, Qutieland has gotten a restock from Rose Melody of their fast-going Alice Fairy Tales JSK. It was released in the recent rise of Alice prints and fandom throughout Loliland. This is probably the only Alice themed print I’d ever buy from anywhere. It’s just gorgeous. A little bit on the busy side, but with the criss-cross (argyle?) style lattice detail I think it works for this dress. Would also be perfect for a hime lolita or hime gyaru.



For those of you in Europe and especially those of you in France, The association Rouge Dentelle et Rose Ruban  and Le Chemin de Briques Roses are hosting a Lolita Convention taking place on Sunday the 4th and Monday th 5th of July at the Espace Beaurepaire in Paris. I am jealous. If you go, TAKE PICS. I’d love to see!

More details of this convention can be found by clicking Convention Details.

N.Y.C., NY

Boy, you New York ladies sure are busy girls! I’ve heard about at least three meet ups this month from you ladies! I’ll be glad when I can move to NY. Haha. So, we have a karaoke meet being hosted so if you’re in NYC and missed the memo, now is your chance to let your lovely hostess know you’d like to attend. The guestlist at the moment seems a bit small so if you’re shy, this may be the perfect chance to meet up with a few of your local lolis. Details  and RSVP on this meet can be found here.

Los Angeles, CA

For you wild Cali girls, the lovely Lullabymynight is hosting a meet-n-greet at the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, CA. Easy to get to from both LA and the lower central coast. (Meaning us Ventura, Oxnard and T.O folks) I will be attending this event and if anyone who has RSVP’d finds themselves without a ride, contact me via email or LJ (happiimilk). I have three seats in my car available (Unless no one wants to ride in the middle) and plenty of trunk space if you plan on bringing your own skates.(I’ll be bringing a snack so mind that someone might have to hold on to it.) So far, we have 9 confirmed attendees and about 4+ friends/Significant others. More details on this and to RSVP, you can click here.