What’s in your bag?

(Clicking the photo will get you a giant size!)

Let’s talk about what we keep in our purses. Some of us only keep practical things, and then some of us keep anything and everything. (The rest probably don’t carry purses. ;142 )

Purse – this is the purse I received this past week. It’s pretty roomy and I’ve only just started testing the capacity. (It holds my clunky DSLR and make up bag on top of everything else sooo~~ ;140 )

Makeup bag – This bag pretty much has my life in it. Without it, I can’t really function like my normal up-beat self. I’m just a make-up kind of gal.

Reading Material – This will actually vary. Right now, I’m reading the Vampire Hunter D series. It’s really good! ;105

Cellphone – I’ll be so glad to get rid of this thing. It’s an original Motorola Droid. Great a year and a half ago; POS now. I wanna upgrade to the iphone4 NOW!  ;57   ;16

Pocket Book – This is the pocket book/wallet I got last week. It’s the cutest effing wallet I have ever owned.

Hand Towel – I don’t really like touching things in public bathrooms, paper towels the least. It’s environmentally damaging and so many hands grab them. I dry my hands with this instead cause at least I know who has touched it. ;53

Tissues – Umm, just in case of spills or water works. ;20

Sunglasses – Dat cali sunshine! It gets pretty bright here, especially in the mornings when I am heading south.

Pedometer – I just started carrying this dude. He’s going to count my steps and make sure I get a minimum, healthy 10,000 steps a day. ;87

Lanyard with all the crap on it – This is more a cute factor than use factor. There’s all of one key on it (my car key) and two club cards. That’s it. ;67

Wig brush – I wear wigs often enough that I have to keep this in my purse.

Hand Mirror – This mirror was given as a gift when I bought my Gardenberries  from Judy of KawaiiCarnival. She’s such a sweetheart and I use this mirror all the time.

Drugs – Actually, just Tylenol. I’m prone to optic migraines so I have keep this with me. ;68

Lens Case – Again, due to frequent optical migraines, or  if my eyes are having trouble adjusting, I take my lenses out and store them.

Makeup wipes – Correct any little mess ups, or smudging that happens through out the day.

So, what’s in your purse or bag? ;80