White rabbit?

;58  Happy Easter everyone! ;58


I hope you all had a safe and fun Easter weekend. ;29 I know I did! I mean I didn’t do much, but I did manage to get a new job after 8 months of unemployment. (Complete with benefits and paid time off!) ;53 I also passed my mid-term with an overall score of 92%. Must say that I’m pretty pleased with myself. ;07

To celebrate, Richard bought (well, replaced) me a pink DSi. ;58 It’s a cute color, though I wish it was pastel instead. ;63  He also bought me Pokemon Black. ;43 So far, I’ve logged 19 hours into the game and I’m no where near finished! It’s keeping me busy in my down time.

An unexpected (NOT) person (Let’s call her Girl A) came home this week as well. I’m not really sure how I feel about it right now.  ;54 I’m still mad but at the same time, I guess she’s trying to be generous and apologetic? We’ll see. ;104   Richard was livid though, but Im working on getting him to collect his vendetta and be an adult about this.  ;98 He’s more mad than I am so it will take some time.

Girl A took me out to buy some new shoes and clothes for work. On top of this, she offered to buy me some MAC make that I had been eying and hoping to test out since I’d never tried MAC for myself. ;103 The total came out to $70. ;31 I didn’t realize MAC was quite that expensive. I mean, I knew it was pricey but 70$ for eyeliners, lipstick and a tube of gloss might be a little too pricey for me, even if someone else bought it for me.

The color is a really pale lavender so it doesn’t really come up as purple on my skin unless it’s caked on. It works really well as a gal lip-color and I’m hoping that it’ll work with Sugary Carnival when it gets here. ;42 The eye liners are really black too. A classmate had the darkest liner I had ever seen and she told me it was from MAC and to go and ask for the blackest black of blacks they had. Happy? Yeah, pretty much.

Wearing the OH SO CUTE! lavender set.

;102   OMAKE!! ;101


Ah~ Now that the semester is closing and my job starts, I feel like my free time is non-existent. Not gonna complain though, Fenix will do all my relaxing for me.

(Convenient tail cover?!) ;64