Wig review + my closets

I ordered two new wigs from CosplaywigsUSA on Thursday.  They were here on Saturday. ;86 I wasn’t really expecting them until sometime next week. (At least this counts as a good part of their overall score. Hahaha.)

Out of package, both wigs were not really what I was expecting. The duo tone wig was much lighter than they portrayed on their site but it ended up being ok. It’s the shade I love. The hime wig however… Well, all I can say is light brown, my foot. ;84

Let’s start where I was displeased the most. As you can see, the stock photo for the light brown hime wig looks like the brown they typically sell. My first and duo tone wigs both have this shade accurately. Their hime wig was just swing and a miss. ;16

Doesn’t seem too light here, does it? ;57

BAM, suddenly, the wig is clearly a creamy blonde. ;26

This isn’t to bash the over all quality of the wig, however. The fibers are nice and soft, with minimal shedding that was a serious problem in the last wig I had ordered. After wearing it, and playing around with the style a bit, I got it to sit in a way that really suited me more. I’m still going to have to get used to such  light color though. ;68

As you can see from the top here, they styled the bouffant really close to the bangs which in turn made the bangs pretty thin.  You can solve this by combing them into a side-sweep or by bringing forward some of the top volume and trimming them to make the bangs thicker. ;39

Close up of the color and the fibers.

One real redeeming quality to this wig is that I can easily comb it, twist the curls and then they’re right back to their proper shape in the position I moved them to. So all is not lost for this Hime series. ;05

Over all score: 3/5

Color: 1/5

Style: 2/5

Quality: 4/5

Shipping: 5/5

On to wig number two!  ;101   This wig, I was a little more pleased with. Again, soft fibers, easy to comb and style; and a little lighter than I expected. (Though in the case of this wig, it ended up being a good thing) ;87

As you can see, seems a bit dark in the stock photo. Not bad though.

Again, the wig is lighter, but it really works for this wig and I am glad it came like so. ;01

As you can see, it’s nice and long. Clearly duo toned.  (The bangs need some trimming but I’m not sure how I want them cut just yet) ;59

Here’s the down side. Like my first wig, this wig seems to have quite a shedding problem at the ends. This was right out of package and I’m still finding loose hairs. Hopefully, it will also be like my first wig, and the shedding will stop after a few wears. ;71

Omake photo.

Over all score: 4/5

Color: 4/5

Style: 4/5

Quality: 3/5 (Fix the shedding issue, and this score won’t have to be so low.)

Shipping: 5/5


I spent a majority of yesterday figuring out what I was going to do with those wigs and as well as storing them! To be honest, I only had two stands and they were exclusively for my cyperous wigs (as I love those the most.) So, I went out and found myself from foam heads to store my CosplayUSA wigs. I also did a complete overhaul of both my walk-in closets so now I have a close exclusively for all my lolita things and a closet exclusively for all my other clothes!

Wigs, wigs, glorious wigs! ;62

All my purses, make up, hair accessories, waist ties, scarves, etc.  ;53 (The san-x cat bag holds all my CHER totes so there’s like 8-10 bags not being shown.)

Safely storing my loli clothes from cats, cat-box smells, cigarettes and other harsh smoke items. -COUGHS-

What’s left of my closet after I sold most of my stuff last year. ;15 It’s ok, it’ll get bigger again.

Blouses and outerwear!

And last but not least, my other walk-in closet. This one is much smaller hence the one photo. There’s a small cubby to the right for my shoes and the desk to the left houses my laundry basket and some other stuff. ;102