Yep, I got lazy but we got a new car?

Admittedly, I got lazy with Momoberi. But, boy, I had some seriously good reason.  hk_lovethought Richard and I had started looking for cars just to see what we could afford. Right now, we’re getting to the point where we cannot just have one car. He’s pulling extra weight going back to school and I will be as well in January. The problem is that when I need the car for school, he’d need it for work.  There was no getting around it despite my hesitation and anxiety about whether we were ready for that kind of financial commitment.  *backnforth*   We had a pretty tight budget, but we managed to find a really great car for a price we had a hard time believing. curly_up

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We bought a Mercury: Mountaineer Premier. ;194

Let me tell you, compared to the other cars we looked at, this thing is a freakin’ rolling throne. I think I know why SUV drivers are such douchebags now. ROFLMAO These things make you feel like a rich-better-than-you-prick. This thing is clean, big with lots and lots of storage, plenty of room for any future passengers (*hintyhinthint*).

For as cheap as this car was, besides the stereo not having an AUX-in, it has everything on my wishlist for a car’s features. dancey_dancey

In other news, in a step towards getting away from sweet, I started selling off my sweet prints.

Yep, I sold Rose Toilette. *SHOCK* I loved that skirt with all my heart, but it just didn’t feel right in the end. Plus, you know how I’ve been bitching about getting a coat? Well, I managed to get enough from the sale to buy a coat! finally… Either way, it’s a step in a classic direction. ;100

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I got the coat from Bodyline, as that’s all I can afford at the moment.  ;39 This is not something to (surprisingly) discredit, though. We all know more than half their stuff is utter crap. Their coats, however, don’t seem to follow the same trend at all. hk_zzz  The coat I purchased has waffle-weave wool as the outer, it’s fully lined, and comfy; it has velvet trim to make it stand out and is very heavy; and warm too! My only beef is that there aren’t any pockets, so I am constantly looking for ’em. ;203

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